Sparkle (detox) Activities

Marci Javril, TeacherPolish your act with movement, yoga, massage, breath, awareness

Sparkle ActivitiesSPARKLE! Healing
Arts Playshops with Marci Javril

Empower, Encourage & Educate your Inner Glow! Self-healing & Transformation, customized to suit your needs

•Discover how to use your own head, heart & hands effectively
•Increase energy and vitality with powerful methods
•Maintain longevity and harmony with simple habits

Participants choose Hot topics from SPARKLE Menu. Small group allows YOUR personal questions to get answered. I guarantee, you will use these ideas forEver.

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Everyone attending receives a free copy of BodyMindSoul Survival KIT with my Top 30 recommended DETOX items – lo-cost, lo-tech toys & tools from my living room and 30+ years of training in the healing arts. Discover the FUNdamentals to your longevity & improving your quality of life.

We explore and explain how to use inexpensive or FREE options in your daily life, and incorporate easy effective methods that not only clean up your act, they make your BodyTemple SPARKLE!

Self-paced, all participation is optional. Includes Q+A & discussion, stretching & yoga, breathing, heart-opening, mindfulness, self-massage, and health research. All activities are done with clothing on.

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Sparkle MenuSparkle Menu – suggested topics

•Laughter Yoga (bliss breathing & sound dynamics)
•Refine the Spine (DIY chiropractic with tennis balls)
•Whole Lotta Shakin (ecstatic movement expression)
•Happy Feet (reflexology with toys & tools)
•Clean Up Your Act (how to prepare for & schedule a cleanse)
•Belly Melt (self-massage for weight loss, improve digestion)
•Best Head Massage Ever (scalp, face & neck relax & recharge)
•Water Painting (aura cleansing & chakra balancing)
•Juicy Lucy (energize each body part with intention & color)
•Higher Ground (affirmations & inspirational words)
•Incinerator (chakra emotional release ceremony)
•Rocket Fuel (kundalini & tantra awareness practices)
•Power Nap TKO (progressive relaxation & Theta-state)
•Deep Sun (Qi Gong & Tai Chi longevity exercises)
•Both is Better (simultaneous R&L handed drawing)
•Born This Way (embodying your “Inner Animal”)
•Elvis Pelvis (bouncing & isometrics for reproductive health)
•Body Planet Weather Report (guided journey for healing)
•Tickle Me Pink (dry skin brushing for lymph circulation)
•Mind Maze (Voice Dialogue guided meditation)
•Raging Bull (yelling, liver shaking & balancing inner angst)
•Hoopiness Is… (Hoop, Poi, Staff, Juggle + Flow )
•Teeter-Totter (partner yoga & Thai massage)
•Safety Net (Compassionate Communication skills)
•Dream Pool (brainstorm with group for solutions & options)

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