Melting Touch Method©

Melting Touch Method© developed & taught since 1986 by Marci Javril

Marci Javril Massage Teacher

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• receive hands-on treatment, and learn self-massage

• feel better faster • stay stronger longer • preventive care IS your longevity life insurance
increase circulation : cleanse lymphatic system : flush out toxins : relieve stress : reduce pain : improve sleep : boost immune function : decrease lymph node swelling : dissolve scars, restrictions, adhesions, blockages.

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Over my 30 year teaching career, I have developed an effective detox program based on my speciality in lymphatic drainage massage. > simple to do > easy to learn > preventive health > non-invasive touch > adaptable to many situations > expands therapeutic repertoire > integrates into bodywork session
Melting Touch Method© graphic

Everyone can easily learn this gentle, rhythmic touch, emphasizing colon cleansing and the deep and superficial lymph pathways of abdomen, pelvis, chest and head.

Recommended for all respiratory & digestive imbalances : Constipation, asthma, irritable bowel, bronchitis, sinusitis, headaches, low energy, PMS, EBV, fibromyalgia, cancer recovery & prevention, post-op, edema.

Melting Touch Method© graphic• accelerate waste elimination
• enhance metabolic cell exchange
• increase immune response
• reduce mucus congestion
• elicit parasympathetic response

Adds detoxification to every health maintenance program. Based on The Lauren Berry Method®. Hands-on massage increases lymph node activity by 10-times, accelerating healing by pushing fluid uptake, flushing out toxins, excess water, proteins + fats.

Detox, boost immunity, increase vital energy

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