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Office (310) 306-9838 : Cell (310)-486-4753 text/voice
FAX: 310-306-3139 – ATTENTION BOX #136
EMAIL: office at vital energy center dot com no spaces
MAILING ADDRESS: Marci Javril, 13428 Maxella Ave. #136, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 USA

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 INTERVIEW Kit- Javril – 3 different Topics with 10 great Questions to ask me!

•1- Preventive health Lifestyle & Anti-Aging, why it takes longer to recover as we get older, how to fit healthy habits in busy schedule, optimizing what you already do.
•2- Feeling tired, unable or lost? ReCreate your Vitality! with daily detox tips to increase circulation and make you Sparkle.
•3- Achieve Optimal Health after surgery or injury – even after Dr says “you’re ok, or “just live with it”. How to soften scars, restrictions, and flush out fluid.

keywords: • Stress Reduction • Lymph Massage + Detox • Integral Yoga + Stretching • Breathing Techniques; Cancer prevention + recovery • Dance + creative expression • Hoop Fitness • Compassionate Communication • Pregnancy, Labor + Infant Massage

Press Release: Book

eBook: Feel Like Yourself Again:FeelCover2012sm
heal and recover from injury, surgery & illness

The Everyday Person’s Handbook for self-renewal

Marci Javril, Vitality Expert, reveals practices and techniques based on over 30 years of teaching lymphatic massage and internal organ detox, post-op scar softening and colon cleansing to health professionals. Marci delivers a comprehensive alternative guide, includes: lifestyle diet & healthy eating, lymph node massage, anatomy charts for lymphatic & immune systems,  post-surgery & chemo-therapy recovery, releasing adhesions & restrictions, team building & resources. eBook offers lo-cost, lo-effort, lo-tech tips & tools, to flush out toxic wastes, and increase circulation and vital energy. Simple, scientifically proven methods guide the everyday person in self-care for optimal health & longevity.

Guest Speaker Topics from eBook: 7 Steps for Detox, lymph massage, yoga breathing, stress reduction, scar softening, dry skin brushing, colon cleansing, emotional release, deep relaxation, restorative stretches, juice fasting, hoop dance, creative movement therapy.Click to download Free Preview of eBook Survival K

Watch Preview video: Lessons & Case Histories of Self-Healing

Press Release: DVD

Goddess Journey:
Award Winning Experimental Video DanceBook Of Shadows DVD
DVD: Book of Shadows

 ©1992JanisMattoxallrightsreserved – Watch videoclip on Youtube

Mastered on Digital One and Betacam SP, DAT stereo sound, 25 minutes• Awarded First Place Experimental Video in 12 Competitions worldwide, screened in over 55 international Film & Video Festivals 1992-1995, 4 time Recipient of NEA Interdisciplinary Grants.

•Janis Mattox -producer, artistic director, composer •Marci Javril -performing artist/choreographer •Riccardo Morrison -additional choreography • Don Ferguson -director •Terrence Forgette  cinematographer •Cynthia Lenssen -artistic assistant

AVAILABLE FOR SCREENINGS • Call (310) 306-9838

Perfect for art galleries, festivals, women’s events, exotic environments, multimedia, dance parties, celebrations, special meetings • mysterious & evocative • can be viewed & enjoyed many times over. Experience an archetypal encounter with the Goddess -maiden, mother, crone, virgin and seductress, nurturer and destroyer.”An unprecedented sound and lighting design propels the human form into a landscape of dream and myth where music and image mate in an erotic ritual of mystery and metamorphosis.” ~•~

Radio Show Interviews

The Aware Show* on KPFK Radio with Lisa Garr

Want An Easy Detox? Try Self-Massage
•re-aired on April 8, 2010  • Original aired 5/27/2009

“Want An Easy Detox? Try Self-Massage” – note: You need to *Log in or become an Aware Community member to listen to this play back. thanks!

Marci gives Lisa’s face & head a brief lymphatic detox massage just before going on Air, and Lisa describes how quickly her sinuses clear up! •Why lymphatic fluid needs massage to move mucus and congestion.

How Lymphatic Massage Benefits your  Immunity •June 3, 2009

Marci Javril does an effective massage that melt away toxic congestion, helping immune response, elimination and your well-being. (Special Fund Drive Show)~•~

Healthy BlogTalk Radio with Irina Wardas •5/5/2011BTR300x260Square_400x400

“Healthy Breasts and Pelvic with Lymphatic Massage”

•Why your breasts need manual touch to flush out toxins. •How your immune system works within lymphatic fluid. •What simple activities you can do with your own hands, so you can move more debris through your waste elimination system. •How reproductive health & that sexual spark can be improved by using yoga, breathing & pelvic floor exercises. ~•~

Swoop’s World News Talk Radio Show •9/20/2012Unknown

– FastForward 15-minutes to hear Marci speak from the heart about her eBook on Cleansing.

•How eBook came from years of teaching in massage schools, simple ways to add detox to your life, laughter yoga, bouncing +more. •Ms. Javril goes over exercises & tips that don’t have to cost a lot, that you can do at home, and get powerful results. •Invitation to join VIP newsletter and receive free chapter of eBook, all about equipment, toys & tools to use for daily detox.

TV Show Appearances

===Lessons + Case Histories in Self-Healing from cancer, surgery, injury ©2012
preview of eBook – Feel Like Yourself Again

===Melting Touch Method©: Soften Part1 ©2011 developed by Marci Javril, NCTMB, CMT,CST

===Lymphatic Massage Demo for Face interview by Celeste Mills, CHT on BRAINSTORM, a Public Access TV show. ©1994

===Massage for Detox – Lymphatic Clearing ©1996 Self-Massage for Abdomen from MAHA interview

===Step Beyond: alternative PE program ©1995 developed by Marci Javril, Movement Therapist

==Marci gets jazzy in ABC’s Dance Machine ©2008 – Reality TV show

===Massage for internal organ detox: Lymphatic Clearing ©1996 – excerpt from class

===segment from ©1984 National Geographic TV Special on computers with innovator video artist Ed Tannenbaum from San Francisco Exploratorium

===SONY JUMBOTRON Tsukuba Expo ©1985 Performance Documentary, live computer animation with Ed Tannenbaum


Published Articles

“Post-Surgical Massage for Female Disorders” -Dec/Jan 1988/89 -Massage Magazine, Noah Publishing, Davis, CA

“Joan Wulfsohn, Cellular Recall Therapist” -Jan/Feb, 1995 -Massage Magazine, Noah Publishing, Davis, CA.

“Rubbing Them the Right Way: Infant Massage” – 8/1/95 -The Outlook, Copley Publications, Santa Monica, CA

“Your Body is a River: The Lymphatic System” Jan 1997 – L.A./South Bay AMTA Chapter – Vibrations Newsletter

“Internal Yoga for Sexual Vitality” -Spring 1998 – WetSet Gazette Childbirth Directory, Pasadena, CA

“Breast Massage on the Run for Busybodies” – Fall 1998 – WetSet Gazette Childbirth Directory, Pasadena, CA

“Pelvic Self Massage” -Feb. 2001 – Penthouse Magazine, interview by Dr. Judy Kuriansky

“Lymphatic Cleanse” – Oct 2001 -Whole Life Times, Los Angeles, CA

“Playing with Fire” – Oct 2002 -Whole Life Times, Los Angeles, CA

“Pelvic Health for Men” Aug. 2004 – Penthouse Magazine, interview by Dr. Judy Kuriansky


Partial Client List

Partial List of Appearances & Presentations:

Symbiosis Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, World Hoop Day, Flow Retreat, Health Expo, Lisa Garr’s The Aware Show on KPFK Radio, Renee Piane’s Rapid Dating Panel of Experts, Swoop’s World WebRadio, Whole Being Weekend, King Drew Memorial Hospital, Natural Childbirth Center, Insitute for Reproductive Health, Venice Boys & Girls Club, Northern California Dance Camp, Southern California Dance Camp, UCLA Neuropathy Association, American Holistic Medical Association, Institute for Psycho-Structural Balancing, SoCal American Massage Therapy Association, Honolulu School of Massage, Maui Academy of Healing Arts, Hawaiian Islands School of Body Therapies, Touch Therapy Institute, Body Therapies Institute, Alcoholism Center for Women, New South Wales Massage Association , Anatriptic Arts, North County Dance, California Middle School Physical Education Conference, Your Dream Wedding, Alternative Health Radio, Lifestyles Convention, The Learning Annex, Love Bytes, Dance Resource Center, Inside Edge, YogaExpo, CyberArts, Burningman Festival, SIGGRAPH-ACM