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Let’s spend quality time together. Choose your Topics, time frame, goals, and create your Ultimate Vitality Experience! 

Boost Vital Energy • Relieve Chronic Stress • Breathe + Relax • Regain Mobility •  Free Creative Spirit • Improve Yoga Practice • Detox + Rejuvenate • Get Back to Your Life

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Library: ask all your questions, pick my brains, browse publications, take notes, get clear on your issues & goals, understand holistic health more. Anatomy Charts, Books, Cleansing Guidelines, BodyMind Exercises, Spiritual Counseling, Resources & References.

Yoga Mat: show me your current exercises, we will tweak them for greater benefits, without straining your mind or adding a bunch of new stuff. Breath, tone, stretch, relax. Sports Ball, Hatha Yoga, Asana refinement, Pranayama, Emotional Release Breathwork, Meditation.

Massage Table: learn & receive, practice self-massage, go deeply into Theta, flush out congestion, reset central nervous system, soften old or new scars & injuries. Melting Touch Method© includes Lymphatic Drainage Detox Massage, Myofascial Release, Cranio-sacral Balancing, Scar & Adhesion Softening, Internal Organ Detox.

Play Space: regain Beginner’s Mind, get creative with something new, fun, different, learn tricks, free your Inner Child, laugh and be loud! Hoop Dance, Flow Tricks & Improv, Creative Movement Therapy, Laughter Yoga.

Virtual Space: using phone, Skype, webcam, or Facebook Live, we can absolutely keep everything heading in the right direction for you! Let’s Stay in Touch and Connected.

Integrate all parts of yourself for optimal health & transformation

BODY ~ activate body’s natural rejuvenation
HEART~ harmonize emotions & communication
MIND ~ focus mental intention & set goals
ENERGY ~ invigorate sexuality & reproductive health
SOUL ~ develop & integrate spiritual intuition

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Consultations in person for individuals, partners, groups
Presentations for Seminars, Conferences, Retreats
Training/Program Development for Professionals

*for out of office locations, add travel & per diem fee