eBOOK – Feel Like Yourself Again:Feel Like Yourself Again Book
how to heal and recover from injury, surgery and illness – 
by Marci Javril, Vitality Expert

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Self-Help methods to increase circulation + vital energy

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The Everyday Person’s Handbook for self-renewal

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Marci Javril, Vitality Expert, reveals practices and techniques based on over 30 years of teaching lymphatic massage and internal organ detox, post-op scar softening and colon cleansing to health professionals. Marci delivers a comprehensive alternative guide, includes: lifestyle diet & healthy eating, lymph node massage, anatomy charts for lymphatic & immune systems,  post-surgery & chemo-therapy recovery, releasing adhesions & restrictions, team building & resources. eBook offers lo-cost, lo-effort, lo-tech tips & tools, to flush out toxic wastes, and increase circulation and vital energy. Simple, scientifically proven methods guide the everyday person in self-care for optimal health & longevity.

Guest Speaker Topics from eBook: 7 Steps for Detox, lymph massage, yoga breathing, stress reduction, scar softening, dry skin brushing, colon cleansing, emotional release, deep relaxation, restorative stretches, juice fasting, hoop dance, creative movement therapy.


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1. Daily Self-improvement Habits: Build your health savings account against a weather crisis on your BodyPlanet. Use this book and stay stronger longer, feel better faster.
2. My Healing Journey: How self-massage, integral yoga and colon cleansing took me from toxic twenties to therapeutic thirties; My bodywork mentor, Lauren Berry, RPT.
3. Are You in Charge? With 1001+ carcinogens, reduced nutrition and environmental stressors, preventive maintenance is crucial.
4. You are Capable & Qualified! Become your own coach and healer, and resolve hidden issues you’d forgotten or given up on. Be treated well, and treat yourself well.
5. Lo-cost, Lo-effort, Lo-tech tips, Toys & Tools: Smart and simple ways to increase circulation every day. Free download with descriptive collection.

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6. Touch Your Brain: Your skin is brain turned inside out: How to perform Fire Breath and Pelvic Floor Exercises to restore central nervous system balance & insure longevity.

7. Seven Steps for Detox:
– #1. Decrease Stress with Yoga + Breath
– #2. Increase Waste Elimination with Massage
– #3. Daily Exercise + 6 Spinal Directions
– #4. Good Hydration + Nutrition
– #5. Skin Detox + Sweat
– #6. Ear/Nose/Throat Salt Water Cleanse
– #7. Counteract Gravity + Bounce

True Story: How Rusty used this book to heal his knees after 20+ years of pain.

8. Bell Curve of a Health Crisis & Immune Response: preemptive strategies, what to expect; detailed ANATOMY CHARTS and components of lymph and immune systems.
9. Clean Up the Rivers in Your Body: Melting Touch Method©– lymphatic detox massage simplified for the everyday person; 15-minute Self-Massage Reminder Flash Cards.
10. Colon Cleansing & Juice Fasting: Cleansing Diet Guidelines; weekly schedules for Beginners, Not-First-Timers, Advanced health nuts.
11. Progressive Program for Old + New Scar Softening: Heat, friction and TLC for scar reduction; when to do it & for how long. Article Reprint on Post-Surgical Protocols.
12. It Takes a Village: Building your holistic health team, becoming your own advocate, using comPASSIONate communication. Alternative & complementary practitioners list.
13. Dynamic Vitality Training: Creative play for the health of it, self-transformation in 5 dimensions, with my guidance. Recreate your brilliant body temple!
14. Case Histories / Contraindications / Medical Disclaimer / Bibliography
Author Bio & Resume / Free Seminars in Abundant Vitality

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