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Pelvic Floor Sex Exercises

INCREASE Internal Organ function

Your body’s health is a complex system of mini-systems, just like a global village of its own, a virtual planet. Learn how to harness the circulation of physical and life force energy and revitalize your life. This article focuses on how to perform Pelvic Floor con-tractions, known as Mooladhara Bandha. Squeezing the PC-muscle (Kegel exercise) can be invigorating! Once mastered, it can help to strengthen the hammock of muscles that hold up all the internal organs.

Lymph_CleanseLymphatic Cleanse

DETOX with Melting Touch Method©

Gentle massage clears out fatigue, tension, head/ chest congestion, achiness, stomach discomfort. Lymphatic touch can melt away symptoms, and revitalize your filtering system (internal organs). Eat, breathe, rest and exercise more fully by doing self-massage every day! Step by step instructions for 3-30 minute Lymphatic Clearing massage, opens sinuses and ears, reduces swelling, flushes out mucus, settles indigestion, stimulates bowel movement and waste elimination. Good for cancer prevention and recovery.

Breast_MassageBreast Massage

for yourself plus: partner techniques

BREAST CANCER risk reduction therapy

– Making sure your breasts are healthy and happy should be a primary concern of every woman. Fibro-cystic problems can be prevented by increasing lymph circulation and ridding breast tissue of congestion and toxic buildup. Quick tips for taking care of yourself every day. Easy techniques to use in bed, the shower, with or without oil. Included are notes for a partner to offer therapeutic touch to your breasts.


How to eat healthy, get better sleep

Lifestyle Guidelines

every day in every way. Our fountain of youth is our body’s intrinsic ability to bring harmony and balance back into all systems, even when being stressed. Learning how to de-accumulate toxic buildup is a daily rejuvenation process.

Tips for increasing energy through the many phases of self-renewal and recovery. Daily mehtods to becoming more abundant in your vitality. 10 minute exercises keep you feeling great!


Tantra Yoga for Couples

Communication & Heart Connection

Attending the Yoga of the Seven Mudras with Sunyata Saraswati and Mataji was an exquisite experience. My yoga partner accompanied me, in an exploration of deepening our advanced practices.Over the course of a week, we were guided to enhance our sensitivity for energy flow. We spent hours training in syncronized breath techniques, to open our chakras, and offer healing to each other. During the final evening, we practiced a sacred Maithuna ritual, moving into heavenly states….


Ecstatic Theta BrainStates

Developing Spiritual Sensitivity

They say do the form until the form does you. This I know to be true. I describe my experiences, when I first received the Cobra Breath Initiation in December 1996, it was a jolt of electricity down my spine, triggered by the visualization process I was doing. I nearly fell over by the fourth or fifth breath. Needless to say, I only did seven complete Breaths at first. Only one day later, my third eye opened, and I began to see the colors of the aura in complex swirling detail. I study the extended expanded state of Theta consciousness…