Are you stressed out? Tired, frustrated, need more energy?

Discover 5 KEYS that recharge & transform every aspect of your life!

1} BREATH is the Key to PRIMAL (sexual) ENERGY dimension
2} AWARENESS is the Key to SPIRITUAL ENERGY dimension
3} MOVEMENT and Touch are Key to PHYSICAL ENERGY dimension
4} SOUND is the Key to EMOTIONAL ENERGY dimension
5} INTENTION is the Key to MENTAL ENERGY dimension

Get sick easily? Restless sleep? Have a short attention span? Recovering from long illness or trauma? Trouble concentrating or following through? Too busy to add anything more into your routine? Already doing a “program” for health maintenance?

If you answered YES to any of the above, I have simple, powerful solutions for you!

Step by Step, self-paced long distance learning, means that you call when you need me, you progress on your own, I give you LOTS of resources and a variety of ways to continue your journey.

Your sense of Well-Being depends on all your systems functioning optimally, and working together. You learn how to Activate, Cleanse, Balance & Integrate each aspect of your life, using the KEY that increases circulation for that Dimension. 

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AgeLessBeMore: playful, practical ways to stay healthy

Home Study Course consists of:
5 one-hour TeleSeminars focused on each of the 5 KEYS, in which
 you are guided through 1 specific TransformAction. Your homework is to try out all 4 TransformActions from your Student Handbook.
After completing each Chapter, we get together for Guidance, Discussion and Debriefing.
It’s on ongoing process! ~OXMJ

• 5 KEYS CHAPTERS with TransformActions

1} BREATH is the Key to PRIMAL (sexual) ENERGY dimension

– activate: UMBRELLA BREATH (deep abdominal breathing)
– cleanse: EXPANDED BREATH PLAY (sound & breath improv)
– balance: SEE-SAW BREATH (alternate nostril)
– integrate: PC Exercise & Microcosmic ORBIT (Taoist)

2} AWARENESS is the Key to SPIRITUAL ENERGY dimension

– activate: ONE-POINTEDNESS (meditation)
– cleanse: INNER VISION QUEST (journaling)
– balance: THETA WAVE (progressive relaxation)
– integrate: TURN ON YOUR LGHTS (personal ritual)

3} MOVEMENT and Touch are Key to PHYSICAL ENERGY dimension

– activate: SENSORY AWAKENING (touch + textures exploration)
– cleanse: MELTING TOUCH MASSAGE (detox + immune boost)
– balance: 6-DIRECTIONS +CROSS-CRAWL (applied kinesiology)
– integrate: SHAKEnBAKE (dynamic / 5-Rhythms meditation)

4} SOUND is the Key to EMOTIONAL ENERGY dimension

– activate: BODYPLANET WEATHER REPORT (inventory)
– cleanse: INCINERATOR (fire breath)
– balance: SOUND HEALING (bijam mantram)
– integrate: BLISS BREATH DANCE (connected breathing)

5} INTENTION is the Key to MENTAL ENERGY dimension

– activate: BOARD OF DIRECTORS (voice dialogue)
– cleanse: INNER SECRETARY (visualization)
– balance: LIVING OUT LOUD (declaration)
– integrate: YOU’RE the ROCK STAR (manifestation)