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– – Comments about working with Ms. Javril, and her eBook: Feel Like Yourself Again

Marci’s vast knowledge and wisdom in so many healing modalities has aided her in helping others in extraordinary ways. As a teacher, she guides us with information we, as laymen, can understand and easily follow. Her book is a resource tool guiding each of us in self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-healing. Marci is a living powerhouse of enormous energy I’ve never experienced in anyone else. I’m eternally grateful for my first-hand experience as Marci guided and encouraged me in my healing.

– Celestine Conover, (eBook Cover Design) Artist, Graphic Designer – Brentwood, CA
– – – –
Marci Javril walks the talk. She is a perfect example of high level vibrancy and vitality. Her knowledge, as explained in her writings, is certain to have a significant positive influence on the reader.
– Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., medical research writer & hormone expert – Los Angeles, CA
Best-selling author of Mind Boosters
– – – –
Marci’s the best! Skilled, warm, and energetic, she’s a talented body worker who gives the ultimate lymphatic massage, a great boon to overall detox. Now we have her thorough and user-friendly book, with tools to help us apply the work ourselves. I recommend both Marci and her book unequivocally!
– Hyla Cass M.D., anti-aging, hormone & brain enhancement expert
Author of “8 Weeks to Vibrant Health for Women”, “Natural Highs” – Pacific Palisades, CA
Gratitude Rose– – – –
Marci has the best hands you would ever want on you! She is an educated and sophisticated professional and knows what she is doing. I refer my patients to her regularly who are in need of lymphatic drainage.
– Dr. Pamela Maloney, Ph.D., D.H.M., L.Ac. – Santa Monica, CA
– – – –
Chock full of good references about lymphatic massage, the author has a concise and informative style devoid of all the fluff and frivolous stuff. Ms. Javril keeps it super simple and to the point. All you have to do is just use the information and gain all the benefits of healing that comes with it. Five Star!
– Layla Fayyad, Skin Care Line developer, Health & Spa Services – Westwood, CA
– – – –
Marci is a gifted and brilliant teacher both in person and in print. Her book is a wealth of information gleaned from years of experience. Her knowledge of the human body, her joy for living and her unique spirit shines from every page. I highly recommend it!
– Raya King, Hellerwork, Practitioner, Health Consultant – Los Angeles, CA
Lily Flowers– – – –
I have known Marci for almost 20 years and studied Melting Touch Method with her. She is my mentor and good friend. Her touch is unequaled by any bodyworker I have been to, but what stands out most for me is, her work is always based on loving kindness. I use her techniques on my clientele, and also refer some of them directly to her. Her experience, especially with post-surgical intervention, is by far the best I’ve encountered. Each time she works on me I learn from her. You won’t find a better therapist anywhere!
– Octavia Zaccaro-Santiago, Colon Hydro-therapist, Massage Therapist – Santa Monica, CA
– – – –
Marci is a vibrant, active woman who has spent many years exploring the world of health and the innate intelligence of the human body. Her book gives you tremendous resources and tools to take care of yourself well. This information when used with commitment leads to a lifestyle of vibrant health. By reading, practicing and learning these methods you save years of experimentation and find fundamental practices that generate health. I recommend it to those who are dedicated to building themselves into vibrant, healthy individuals.
– Mariane Karou, Movement therapy & self empowerment – Pacific Palisades, CA
– – – –
Marci’s work is unique in that it is both intuitive and research-based. Starting where traditional Western medicine often leaves off, her techniques seem to be common sense in practice, but it’s much more. It’s over 25 years of hands-on experience helping men and women of all ages to be healthier, happier, and get more out of their lives. Her book covers so much territory in such an easily understood way, you may never need another guide.
– Robert B. Gelman, musician, dancer, businessman, event producer – Sonora, CA
– – – –
Marci Javril is the best in the industry. Her knowledge of the body is outstanding, and when she puts her hands on you, they know exactly where to go.
– Susan Levin, Marketing & networking services for speakers & authors – Los Angeles, CA
– – – –
Marci’s book has a wealth of useful information on how to feel fantastic and feel healthy throughout your day, and throughout your life. I would recommend it to anyone. She has made the science of our bodies easy to understand and relate to. The exercises in self-healing are simple and concise. Her beauty, wisdom and vitality, are manifested in this book. With pictures, text and a lot of love, she shows us how to feel energetic and glow with health. Her book effortlessly functions as a tool for integrating the reader’s mind, body and soul.
– Edith Paul, Illustrator for eBook, Graphic Artist, Designer – Los Angeles, CA
– – – –
Marci is one of the most creative and energetic people I’ve ever known. Her book is not only a great owner’s manual to a healthy human body, it’s a visual and informational adventure through the realms of fitness, nutrition, healing and recovery, massage, yoga, and overall self-renewal. It’s stuffed to the brim with detailed advice and guidance on everything from skin detoxing and lymphatic drainage, to proper exercise and rejuvenating every organ in the body. Marci has written a guide to revitalizing your spirit with lifestyle advice, attitude adjustments, and overall self-maintenance. She’s a force of nature, and a living testament to the power of her advice and knowledge. She’s worked on me for 30 years and she is the best.
– Thomas R. Quinn, writer, Emmy Nominated TV/documentary producer – Hollywood, CA
Author of  ”What do you do with a Chocolate Jesus?”
Rose Orange– – – –
This book is a goldmine of valuable information for anyone who wishes to improve their health and recover from discomfort or disease. Written in an easy-to-follow style and richly illustrated with photos and diagrams, the information and techniques are accessible, immediate and a joy to read. learn something new each time you pick it up and am inspired to integrate the tips into
my life right away. Ms. Javril’s breadth of knowledge of alternative healing methods is vast, and obvious that her life is dedicated to helping people be their most radiantly healthy. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wishes for a healthy, pain-free body and spirit.
– Meloney Hudson, Certified Ipsalu Tantra Educator – Los Angeles, CA
Author of “Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman”
– – – –
Marci is a walking health encyclopedia and an amazing healer. With her vast knowledge and wise touch she has been our source of rejuvenation and a graceful recovery from the garden variety of aches and pains.
– SaRina Daly Goode, Spiritual Counselor – Los Angeles, CA
– – – –
Marci is an enigma. There is no one like her. She is gifted beyond measure and an intuitive healer of the human heart, soul, body and spirit. I trust her with my life and love her as a sister. Thank you, Marci for blessing my life in so many ways.
– Jackie Hesley, Realtor, Social Media Expert, Hoop Trainer – Los Angeles, CA
– – – –
Marci is an extraordinary bodyworker. She has years of experience. Really knows what she is doing. I consider myself extremely discriminating when it comes to a good massage and Marci is one of the best. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants an excellent, relaxing, high quality massage.
– Mary Kay Finn, Nutritional Consultant & QRA Practitioner – Santa Monica, CA
– – – –
I’ve known and worked with Marci for several years. She has an incredible amount of energy and passion for healthy living and is constantly growing and learning new things. She has a diverse amount of skills and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer her services to any of my patients.
– Dr. David Allan, D.C., Networking Professional – Los Angeles, CA
– – – –
With an amazing ability to feel and move out toxins lodged in the lymphatic system, Marci’s vast knowledge of lymphatic message has provided real relief for people with chronic conditions. It’s as if she has brains in her fingers that are more effective than any drainage remedy. Lymphatic drainage is an integral part of our detoxification program. That’s why Linda refers many of her clients to Marci for this part of the process. She is the queen of low tech healing.
– David Freud, writer & Linda Freud, Medical Intuitive – Woodland Hills, CA
Coauthors of The Healing Gift: featuring heavy metal detox program
Red Flowers– – – –
I have used your book every day during my recent health crisis, to remind myself what you’ve said, and to get the resources you list. It has really helped me go through this with a feeling of accomplishment, I can heal myself, and I know what to do. Everything you taught me is in there, and more! Marci has been the best ever massage therapist we have experienced. After 23 years, we still await our weekly massage. She is a healer who uses her intuition so effectively, she has healed both of us through many challenges.
– Beanie + Stan Polsky, Marina del Rey, CA. Beanie illustrated children’s book
written by daughter Penny L. Cohen: Tapuchim and Dvash –
– – – –
Marci does incredible work and is as lovely, warm, and generous a person as you might expect from such a skilled and talented bodyworker. In the 18 years I’ve known her, she has selflessly contributed to my life, and to the lives of our many mutual friends. Her knowledge and treatment of the lymphatic system is unparalleled by anyone in her field. In her intuitive, easy to understand book, she teaches women to care for their breasts through self-massage, including a gentle release of toxic buildup in the lymphs around them. This is a book that every woman, and certainly every bodyworker, should have.
– Toni De Marco, Relationship Coach – Culver City, CA
Author of Heartgasm: Increasing Intimacy & Ecstasy with Your Beloved
– – – –
Saint Marci helped bring my first child into the world – naturally. Marci massaged me skillfully for 12 hours. Her spirit, dedication, and thorough knowledge of labor and delivery made this one of the best days of my life. I can’t imagine going through childbirth without her!
– Sheri Weitz, Nutritionist, L.M.T., mother of Andrew & Devon – Westchester, CA
– – – –
You can feel the love flowing from Marci, along with her knowledgeable touch. She is a wonderful healer and teacher.
– Miriam Lois Serman, Ed.M., Master Yoga Teacher – Palm Desert, CA
– – – –
Ms. Javril gives an individual a whole new perspective on the body, and put me in touch with the way it works. She moves things that are stagnant in the lymph nodes, and really brings the body into a state of relaxation. This is very beneficial, because during the relaxation, the body can heal itself. One of the beauties of working with her, is all the philosophies she has gathered over years of knowledge and experience. Marci is a very valuable source for looking at and understanding the body, and being able to deal with it.
– Dr. Shohreh Fourazan, Psychotherapist – Westwood, CA
– – – –
Marci is incredible at lymphatic massage, a wealth of knowledge, patient, caring, and holds a loving space for healing. Teaching as she goes along so one can also heal themselves or help others heal, is brilliant! She is one of the top lymphatic teachers in the Los Angeles area. Her knowledge and gentleness with scar tissue massage is beyond anything I have ever seen or experienced. Thank you for all your love, Marci.
– Heather Rhea Dawn, Clothing Designer, Dancer, Healer Ð Ashland, OR
– – – –
Pink RoseI have been listening to and learning from Marci for over 30 years! Her book condenses all this wisdom into an easy to use manual. Now I can take my health into my own hands… literally.
– Mary Alice Fry, Producer, Artistic Director – San Francisco, CA
– – – –
Marci’s lymphatic cleanse massage is both powerful and sensual. And one of the best attributes it that she empowers you to learn it for yourself so you can become your own healer. I make a point of including it in my fasting regimen and to remind myself to do so when cold and flu season arrive, as a preventative measure.
– Frankie Lee Slater, Photographer, Artist, Producer – Venice, CA
– – – –
Marci Javril was one of my best massage teachers. I consider myself lucky and blessed to have attended all of Marci’s lymphatic clearing classes when she was teaching. In my massage practice, I often used what I learned from her to help many people recover from illness, injury, and surgery. If the student has incredibly grateful clients, imagine what the master can do! I still use the melting touch I learned from her in energy balancing sessions. Marci is brilliant!
– Andrea Sea, specializing in healing of trauma and intimacy issues – Topanga, CA

– – – –
Marci has a gift which she generously shares with her clients. I have had the pleasure of having my kinks and lymph glands worked out for over 15 years by Marci. I have learned about my body, my health and my spirit from her. A session with Marci is really about renewal – integrated renewal.
– Sarah P. McClintock, Big Sisters, Playa del Rey, CA
– – – –
Straight up, one of the best, most intuitive and experienced healer’s you will ever meet.
– Talya Meldy, Colon Hydrotherapist, Internal Environment Specialist – Venice, CA
– – – –
Marci is one of the most dedicated, masterful healers I know and she is always on the leading edge of vibrant health, joy and wellbeing. A simple, brilliant, self massage tip – like the ones in her book – she shared with me, cleared years of pain and inflammation from a torn cartilage in my knee. I am enjoying so much more mobility. Thanks to her, I can do more dance and yoga than I have done in years.
– Leah Zahner, Ipsalu Tantra Teacher, Healing facilitator – Los Angeles, CA
– – – –
I was amazed at how much useful information and how many practical tips, techniques and tricks for healing and nurture you were able to embed in a single book. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner – easy to understand and easy to put to use. It is truly a rich resource that I’m glad I have in my library.
– Drew Katzman, Studio City, CA
– – – –
Marci’s book provides the nuts and bolts of self-care and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Everyone should know this stuff and practice it. Marci’s down-to-business teaching and writing style is backed up with excellent practical wisdom and gobs of heart. She is highly motivated, no, driven to help people in pain. On numerous spontaneous occasions she has helped me in recovery from broken bones, sprains, and more. I’m glad to have her new manual with its attractive and well-organized format so that I can get serious about my self-care lifestyle! It has already helped.
– Marjorie Profumo, Los Angeles, CA
White Rose– – – –
I know it’s a bold statement, but I believe Marci Javril understands the workings of the human physiology better than anyone in LA…maybe anywhere. She practices what she preaches also, remaining fit and energetic and constantly deepening her knowledge. Simply, if she suggests it… I do it, you should too!
– Joel Heathcote, Lighting Designer, Architect, Inventor, Artist – Plymouth, NH
– – – –
Thank you, amazing woman! You are such an inspiration to me, you help me lift my sights! and for so many others, too.
I always so appreciate your sharing with me where you are in your process of organizing so much knowledge, integrating it in new and creative ways, producing and marketing it – the fruit, the legacy, of all your skills and wisdom – and packaged in such compassionate detail.
– Sharon Seabrook, Independent Renewables & Environment Professional – Plymouth, NH
– – – –
Marci is exceptionally gifted and has helped me not only to physically feel better but energetically feel more balanced. She does it all. Thank you Marci!
– Karen J. Dellosso, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Artist – Westchester, CA
– – – –
Marci has a gift which she generously shares with her clients. I have had the pleasure of having my kinks and lymph glands worked out for over 15 years by Marci. I have learned about my body, my health and my spirit from her. A session with Marci is really about renewal – integrated renewal.
– Sarah Purcell McClintock, Big Sisters, Marina del Rey, CA
– – – –
Marci Javril is one of the brightest lights on this planet + everything she touches burns more brightly and sweetly! May her eBook be read and enjoyed around the globe for years to come! Long Live Marci Javril! You are a blessing to all!!
– Pamela Clay Magathan Bermudez, performing artist, lead singer with CATAHOULA
One-Woman Show: “The Edith Piaf Story” – Hollywood, CA
www.hgd.com/catahoula/info.htm –
– – – –
Marci’s fabulous… been going over 20 years… my body is energized and healthier than ever…. thank you, Marci!!
– Natalie Alexander, Beverly Hills, CA
– – – –
Monumental, well researched work and a great eye-opener for those willing to go deeper and further than ever before. A conscious path to life’s new healthy and passionate possibilities. This book gave me a new awareness for my own healing process, and how to take responsibility for it. At last, I feel empowered to be responsible for my own Quality of Life, and how to share this info with my family and friends.
– Jeffrey Reiss, Peace Maker, Rotary International Peace Pole Project – Marin, CA
– – – –
Marci lives this stuff. Years of research and of being a practitioner are in this book. You will find things in it that will help you. A colorful encyclopedia of suggestions and illustrations that will improve your quality of life. Marci has been there and done that. Now it’s your turn and she’s made it easy for you! Marci has put years of experience & knowledge into this gem of a book.
– Alan Rachins, Hancock Park, CA
Orangey Rose – – –
For the last year and a half I suffered from constant ache in the right size of my pelvis, a pain which felt as if a wrench was being turned inside this area of my body. In desperate pursuit of relief I consulted some of the best and most expensive physicians available in Beverly Hills without success. Eighteen months ago I had the good fortune to begin treatment with Marci.
After only three treatments my life started changing  the pain dissipated, leading me on road to recovery. Her treatment was refreshingly different from the mainstream approach of all the doctors which treated me and the instant results convinced me not to look back. As a bonus I felt that Marci was a kind and gracious person who took a personal interest in my well being.
– Naomi Van Heuser, Westwood, CA
– – – –
After a mastectomy, I experienced a knotted sensation at the lymph mode section of the incision. My medical doctor indicated that nothing could be done to relieve the nerve pain or clogged feeling of the surgery incision. Over several years Marci was able to experiment with different massage methods to loosen up the area & find me my first relief in 8 years.
– Nancy Stillman, Encino, CA
– – – –
Doing the Vitalizer Exercise you gave me (alternate nostril breathing to balance the brain) gave me hope that I could do the job ahead of me. I work under a lot of pressure, and I am always revitalized after visiting you.
I love how you teach me ways to make my life better in a practical sense. You do much much more than just massage – you help me clear my thoughts, relax my body, and open my compassion for myself. I am reconsidering how I used to do my job, so I can keep the clarity I now have.
– Virginia Haddle, Beverly Hills, CA
– – – –
Having danced, lived, and loved with Marci, I am prompted to say that she is a truly loving caring individual who acknowledges others, validates their efforts to improve their health …and truly wants healing for all. What a wonderful being she is!
– Susan Sarner, Mar Vista, CA
– – – –
Marci’s wisdom dances through her hands, smoothing and soothing the unseen pathways of the body’s inner web of life. The results are nothing short of a miracle. Muscles lengthen and release. Vital forces flood the limbs and organs. Healing breath fills the guarded inlets of ancient wounds. Natural balance has been restored.
– Lucienne de Naie & Daniel Grantham, Sierra Club Regional Director & Environmental Activists – Haiku, HI
– – – –
A client had a cough! (8 months). Persistent. She had a large swollen lymph node in her neck that was hard and getting larger over months. After a lymph drainage massage based on Marci’s techniques, a week later the swollen node disappeared and the coughing stopped!!! Wow! Nothing less than amazing.
– Brenda S. Coady, L.M.T., C.R., Los Angeles, CA
– – – –
Many thanks Marci for your awesome posts with self-healing tips! I have been doing the leg lymph massage now for 2 months and my legs are SO happy! now, onto the breast massage…you are a true healer & communicators…you rock!
-Dorie Zabriskie, Ventura, CA
– – – Rosiest Rose
I’ve worked with Marci for over ten years. What I find is the greatest value in her work, is her highly intuitive and deep nature of massage therapy, far exceeding that of any other practitioner I have worked with over the years. Marci is truly outstanding and unique in that respect.
– Scott Cooper, Santa Monica, CA
– – – –
Marci’s magical, healing hands will take you as close to Heaven as you’re likely to get while still on Planet Earth.
– L.L.K., Journalist, Los Angeles, CA
– – – –
Marci not only gives the best lymphatic drainage massage but I have learned so much from her about what I can do on my own. She is so willing to share her years of experience and invaluable knowledge!. And, she is a joy to work with (and play with). Her sincere caring makes me always feel that I am in the best of hands and her forever young joyous spirit is contagious! I applaud all that Marci does for everyone!
– B.D., Palm Desert, CA