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– featured in Award-winning First Place Experimental film – “Book of Shadows” – a Goddess dance journey.

Ms. Javril received a B.A. in Dance and Dance Therapy with Honors from Columbia College in Chicago in 1978, and has performed and taught extensively throughout the USA as well as overseas.

Her FlowArts studies began in LiquidHoop & Hooprevolution in 2003,  and she became a Certified Hoopnotica® Dance Hoop & Fitness Teacher in 2010. She also Fire Dances with FluxTorches and Contact Staff, is getting better at juggling, and learning to spin Poi.

Marci Javril, Fire DancerMarci has been dancing and performing since age 11, with a well-rounded repertoire in diverse movement techniques & modalities. She has studied  jazz, tap, ballet, acrobatics, gymnastics, modern, physical theatre, Contact Improvisation, West African, blues, samba, salsa, capoeira, aikido, karate, T’ai Chi Chuan, hatha yoga, Continuum Dance Meditation, as well as being an avid swimmer and scuba diver.

She has spent her lifetime teaching creative movement expression, dance styles, aerobics, gymnastics, and improvisation to children and adults of all ages. She loves to try out new activities & ideas, and is passionate about cultivating the Creative Spirit in everyone.

From her teens years thru her 20′s, she performed through local dance recitals, community theatre and musical comedy, and subsequently became a member of dance performance companies in Dallas, Boston and Chicago. Marci was the Choreographer for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival in 1973. She performed in over 55 shows between the ages of 12 and 26. After relocating to California in 1979, she shifted into improvisational and experimental theatre performance companies.

MJ.CGI.85Marci spent 1982-3 being featured as a soloist in Europe and Japan, and upon returning to the U.S., she sought out innovator Ed Tannenbaum (San Francisco’s Exploratorium’s Recollections exhibit). Together in 1984 at SIGGRAPH’s Electronic Theatre, they pioneered live video/dance performances using real-time computer animation techniques that were soon to become the basis for MTV’s special effects craze.

Collaborating with various innovative artists, Ms. Javril toured Arts & Science conventions (SIGGRAPH 1984 – CyberArts 1992) and was a featured performer on TV’s National Geographic, at the 1985 Expo in Tsukuba, Japan, the 1987 New Music Festival in Nice, Pari-graph, Fractal Cosmos, Reben Fleet Museum, and other national venues. 

As the technology of computer graphics and special effects grew more familiar, Marci became the occasional engineer in the lip-sync rock-music-video studios of California Video Theater (Dan Turbeville AKA Captain Tattoo and henna afficiando at Marci worked from 1987-1994 with his company, videotaping children in a live setting, for high school graduation nights, county fairs, and Dreamstreet Camp for (terminally ill) Kids.

EROSEDAfter her journey into technology, Marci diverted into thru-the-lens experimental lighting in collaboration with Janis Mattox (composer at Stanford’s Computer Music research Lab) and a videoballet titled Book of Shadows – a visual tapestry of goddess archetypes and haunting music.

After premiering in San Francisco in 1992, Jan & Marci’s DanceVideo work of Art went on to win 9 First Place Awards for Best Experimental Video, shown in over 55 film & video festivals internationally, as well as 6 more Honorable Mentions, and many invitational screenings.

Returning to the stage and to physical reality, Ms. Javril became involved with indigenous cultural movement and in drumming, and produced World Beat at the L.A. Fringe Festival 1994, going on to perform in samba and West african dance concerts in affiliation with her teachers. She started incorporating hip-hop and funk, added using tricks and an extra platform level and took it to an outreach after school program for underprivileged children at the Venice Boys & Girls Club.

Marci Javril Dance Machine on ABCThe Step Company Gifted 20 STEP platforms to Marci’s new approach for children’s exercise. STEP BEYOND became an alternative P.E. program at Santa Monica Alternative School House (S.M.A.S.H.) and Marci had a cable TV show on community access. She presented her work at the Middle School Teacher’s Physical Education Teachers Conference in 1994.

Marci returned to her love for the performing arts in 2001, by teaching “The Art of Unveiling for your Lover ” through The Learning Annex – a Los Angeles alternative educational provider. From 2001-2007, she taught Spiritual Sexuality and how to embody the principles of yoga in a healthy lifestyle, using authentic movement exercises and connected breathing.

Marci Javril Dance HoopAlways looking for whatever the latest movement form might be, in 2003 Marci fell in love with Liquid Hoop Dance and Christabel Zamor’s Dance Hoop techniques. Now an avid Hooper, Marci does her version of HOOPLAY in a variety of performance art & Burningman-style venues, and was featured in March 2007 at the Thomas Dolby PHOTON Ballet at the SIGGRAPH 25th Anniversary Reunion at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Currently her work involves the Art and Science of Rejuvenation – integrating all the aspects of revitalizing the inner and outer parts of yourself. With her training in spiritual healing, dance therapy, and being a master bodyworker, Marci brings flair and precision to her ongoing work of bringing out the Art in all of us, using the Science of life.

Marci Javril Performing ArtistHer classes vary from the experimental to the inner yogic: scar tissue softening, baby massage, cleansing, detox, longevity exercises, and more. She has a private practice in Marina del Rey and can be booked as a Guest Speaker, Private Coach and Corporate Trainer.

See her  eBOOK: Feel Like Yourself Again for more about her Vitality Experiences. (published 2013)