Marci Javril

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Marci is a life-long student of Integral Hatha Yoga with Gurudev Swami Satchidanda
Marci (60+yrsold) is a life-long student of Integral Hatha Yoga with Gurudev Swami Satchidanda

Greetings and Namaste ~
Is your life force surging through your body right now?
– What’s stopping you from being completely alive?
– Have you given up on parts of  life that you think can’t change?
– Do you just want to feel like yourself  •• again…?!

Lifestyle Expert & Wellness Coach
Heal faster, stay stronger, live longer!

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– How your life could be Transformative all the time
– What Yogis knew – ancient secrets of longevity
– What Doctors don’t include – alternative health that works
– Why most “Programs” are geared for you to fail
– Creative Play allows you to go at your own pace and WIN all the time!
– Integrative approach imprints positive health into your Whole Being

…your Ultimate Vitality Experience!

My Life Story & Personal Journey to Healing

I’ve learned the importance of your Fluid Body, and how to increase cellular circulation on every level, to maintain excellent energy & vitality.

My youth was spent using prayer for healing, performing in musical comedy, and excelling at math & science. In my early twenties, I wandered into lands many of you may recognize – drugs, promiscuity, alcohol, general disarray, dropped out of school and lack of integrity.

The pendulum swung between practicing alternative health,  and unorthodox Hippie living on the edge, and thus, I began dancing with my darkside.

I traveled all over the country, performing with professional dance companies, theatrical venues, getting other work by art modeling  & waitressing, having multiple relationships, and seeming great adaptability. Returning to college at age 26, group counseling and courses in Movement Therapy and Psychology gave me insight and perspective into my own behavior, and I began my personal healing journey.

I realized I needed to clean up my act, cleanse my liver, emotions & spirit, for my own “enlightened self-interest” (as my Mom would say). Someone gifted me with a massage table, and I took my first Acupressure class with Ron & Iona Teeguarden in 1979.  In Los Angeles, I began my exploration, trainings & studies in bodywork (over 2600 hours to date).

I began learning rejuvenation ideas from everywhere, reaching into traditional yoga, biochemistry, metaphysics, alternative health therapies, and ancient Taoist traditions. Grappling with my own inner demons, I discovered playful, powerful ways to activate & balance all my systems, which now gives me tremendous energy & resilience!

Marci Javril 1981
Marci Javril: San Francisco 1981

And so, now, I transmit these concepts to you, in every shape, form, message, metaphor, playful activity or exercise I can convey, reaching out to bring you into your own YOGA = UNION of being in TOUCH with yourself, your loved ones, and your world.


Marci Javril in Brasil - 1992
Marci Javril : Brasil 1992
Marci Javril: Cuba 2010
Marci Javril: Cuba 2010

  fyi – I’ve been able to maintain the same dress size, tone, flexibility, endurance & sexual vibrance since I was 30, using powerful principles you can use, too, described in my HomeStudy Course – 5 KEYS to Vitality.