Rates +Payments

Payment Options

•Pay by CHECK, CASH or Money Order accepted, no fee
– mailing address: Marci Javril, 13428 Maxella Ave. #136, MDR, CA 90292


•Pay with PayPal,  you can choose installments, add 3% admin fee
CLICK HERE to send MONEY to: Office@VitalEnergyCenter.com

imgresPay with SQUAREUp/Register, add 3% admin fee
– slide card in person, or you can be invoiced by email

†Receipts & S.O.A.P. charts are available for medical or tax documentation

• RATES ~ 2018 •


Consultations in person for individuals, partners, groups
Presentations for Seminars, Conferences, Retreats
Training & Program Development for Professionals

•GOLD~Packages for Rejuvenation•

•Treasure Hunt for Gold – Your Initial Visit

90-min Evaluation investment is $212, includes a separately booked followup phone consultation. Private session consists of –

1. In the Library: conversation to go over health history, anatomy, resources, references. 2. On the Mat: simple stretches to check spine range of motion. 3. On the Table: Melting Touch Method© – lymphatic detox massage FAQs & experience a hands-on session. Followup by phone call and email/ text.

•Breakthru Gold Rush – accelerate healing
3 Two-Hour Sessions  + 3 phone consultations

Breakthru Pak investment is $875, includes 3 private sessions of Two-Hours each + 30-min phone call followup after each visit (3 calls), plus printed handouts, charts, articles & life changing skills.

1. On the Mat: restorative yoga asanas, pranayama, bandhas. 2. On the Table: Melting Touch Method© – how to do self-care with lymph detox massage, and experience a session. 3. In the Library:  Integration Exercises, References.

•Living Golden – ongoing clients
6-Hour Pak – 30-min increments /Gift Certificates

Living Golden Pak Investment is $555 for 6-hours total*. After client has participated in Evaluation or Breakthru, they can easily & effectively maintain a healthy lifestyle! Ongoing clients can choose 60-min, 90-min or 2-hour private sessions. Purchaser can use any portion as Gift Certificates to anyone they name (new clients file Intake Form).

Choose from Topics: 1. On the Mat: Yoga Asanas, Flow Arts, Fitness Exercises. 2. On the Table: Melting Touch Method© – experience a session, learn how to DIY. 3. In the Library:  Integration Exercises, articles, resources, references.  Followup by email/ text.  (*must be used within 1 year of purchase)